Explore Dubai as it’s one of the main hubs of business and tourism, Dubai attracts some of the largest percentages of tourists and visitors every year. The city filled with both traditional and modern attractions, Its a metropolis filled with exciting activities and excursions you’ll remember forever. But in a city so full of life and glamour, it’s hard to choose an excursion which suits you best from everything that Dubai has to offer. It’s tricky to decide the exact places to visit; and the question is, if you want to explore this sprawling Emirate, what is it that you should do? So we’re here with Dubai Blogs to guide you But just a little bit of local knowledge opens plenty of budget-friendly experiences. We have put together a list of things which will help you with a Dubai budget travel experience and make the tour fun for you!

So #ExploreDubai with us

Abra Boat Tour
  The list of Dubai Excursions is a tale never-ending, as every deck and corner of this land is worth exploring.  Dubai tourism industry is considered one of the luckiest in the world given the plethora of visitors landing here each year. All this is not because any Cupid is playing between the visitors and...
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Nad Al Sheba Cycle Park
  Not all are excited by the vrooming sounds of motor-driven vehicles and their lung choking exhausts. For some, their adrenaline rush is subjected to eco and health-friendly paddling on a smart cycle in a natural, peaceful and serene environment. For such cycling buffs, Dubai holds a special place, the Nad Al Sheba cycling park....
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