Ecotourism – Traveling and Preserving Mother Nature, Hand in Hand!

Travelex Travels & tours would like to play its part in bringing awareness in the industry by introducing responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, more lately known as Ecotourism .

As technology advances, the environment is constantly challenged to keep up with the waste produced due to travel. Dwindling water supply, damage to the ozone layer, recycling of waste and long-term sustainability in tourism, we are persistently confronted to search for solutions. Travelex Travels & Tours would like to play its part by educating the customer without forgoing the joys of travel. As a result, traveling becomes more fulfilling and rewarding when a thought is spared for the coming generations. We invite all environmentally conscious people to join us in this endeavor by contributing to our blog. Let us work together for a healthier tomorrow.

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The Dubai Safari Park was announced back in 2009 and has been in construction since then. But the wait is over now because the park has finally opened its gates for the media and selected guests today, 12th December 2017. In preparation for the soft opening of the #DubaiSafari project taking place on Tuesday 12th...
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UAE and “Green” do not sound enharmonic, predominantly due to the Massive desert- the Arabian Desert that holds much of UAE’s geographic footprint. To add another interesting factor to what we know as a barren landscape called ‘a desert’, is that the UAE has a Population Growth of 315% in the past 10 years between...
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