For some people, their heartbeat increases not at the contemporary silhouettes of a place but at the ancestral possessions it has. Their travel Diaries are filled with heritage stories of the world and tour albums are not less than a historical magazine. For such historical enthusiasts, the heritage express Dubai is nothing short of a treat as this brief journey through the roads of Dubai takes you to the heritage podiums of the city. The journey drives you to the prime locations related to the history and culture of Emirates and allows you to be a part of it. Making your way through the historical and cultural hotspots of the city, the journey leaves you spellbound with the never had before experience.

The heritage express Dubai is a journey on a customized trolley which itself is fun to travel in due to the bewitching and comforting design. The bus takes you to historical landmarks of the city which holds special significance in increasing the cultural richness of Emirates and allows you to get a more comprehensive awareness about the affluent culture of the Arabs.

Through two routes of the blue and red line, it covers prime locations of the city like Al Seef, Fahidi Fort, Shindagha, Abra, Etihad, and Jumeirah Mosque. It also offers you to become a part of Emirati culture by offering a special Emirati experience. The bottom line is that the Heritage trolley tour Dubai session is something that can certainly thrill your traditional nerves. If you also want to immerse in the fascinating experience then here is all you need to know about it.

Heritage Express Routes

The Heritage Express runs on two routes named Blue Line and Red line. The locations covered in both the routes are the same but the order is different. It completely depends on you which route you want to try. The map of the routes is:

Heritage Express Red Line

Red Line

The red line route starts from the Jumeirah Mosque. There is a 5 minutes stop at each point except Al Fahidi where it halts for 30 minutes. The guests are versed with interesting stories related to each site by the local guide. Along with refreshments, you also get to enjoy a Desert Friends show.

Heritage Express Blue Line

Blue Line

The blue line route starts from Al Fahidi. There is a 5 minutes stop at each site except at Jumeirah mosque, where it stops for 30 minutes. The guests are provided with a photo opportunity at the mosque to carry back wonderful memories.

Dubai Heritage Tour

Heritage Express Dubai

3 To 5 Hours
Availability : Daily
FromAED 199
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Heritage Express Variants

The visitors for Heritage Express Dubai can choose from two options, the Culture on Wheels, or The Emirati Experience for their journey.

Culture On Wheels

Culture On Wheels

The culture on wheels tour takes you to the mentioned historical places in the trolley along with detailed explanations by the guide. You will be served with refreshments throughout the tour and will also be provided access to the Heritage gift shop.

The Emirati Experience

The Emirati Experience

If you choose the Emirati experience, you clearly choose to be a part of the Emirati culture. This pick allows you to indulge in authentic Emirati essence as along with sightseeing and guide facility, you are also served with traditional Emirati cuisine. Also, with desert friends’ show, you are introduced to the culture of the Arabs.

Why To Choose?

You might wonder why take this special bus for the trip when one can independently visit the sites. You may be right, but, what makes this unique venture special is that they don’t just show you the sites but make you a part of it. On this trip, you can get to know about the backstories of the sites from the local guides. The guides along with the refreshments served throughout the journey, make heritage express a premium choice to explore the history of Dubai’s rich culture and heritage.

Apart from the guided tour and tasty refreshments from the Emirati kitchen your trip is made more exciting with access to the heritage gift shop, thrilling Dessert Friend’s show, and credible Emirati experience. The heritage trolley tour is undoubtedly the best strategy to explore Dubai’s ancestry.

Heritage Express GuideHighlights of the tour:

  • Warm welcome with delicious Emirati snacks
  • Enjoy the ride in custom-made special trolleys.
  • A thoroughly guided tour by local and knowledgeable guides
  • visit prime locations with heritage and cultural significance.
  • Soak true Emirati essence with authentic Emirati refreshments served during the journey
  • Capture your special moments at the Jumeirah mosque.
  • Enjoy a fascinating 30 minutes at the desert friend show
  • Visit the heritage gift shop and buy memories back home.

Attractions Covered

Desert Safari is not just about watching the beautifully dripping sands merging your senses to a thrill but about a series of activities which you certainly cannot enjoy anywhere else. Some of the most prominent activities included in almost all of the Desert Safari packages are:

Al Seef Dubai

Al Seef

Al Seef is a place to go if you want to cherish the modernism of Dubai Downtown and the heritage of Old Dubai, both at the same time. This man-made heritage site of Dubai is one of the fastest-growing tourist spots in the city. The Heritage Express traces your way through this 1.8 km stretch spanning a range of shops, restaurants, ancestral setups, and instagrammable views along the beautiful Dubai Creek. If you are using the blue line then this place gives an energetic start to your tour towards history.

Fahidi Fort Dubai

Fahidi Fort

You cannot complete a historical tour without exploring the ancestral forts of a place. The Al Fahidi fort is one such place from Dubai history that is an essential element of its rich heritage. The Heritage Express covers this place on priority as it is a 200-year-old heritage of Dubai. The fort used to be artillery for weapons and now it is converted into National Museum for preserving the heritage of the country and gives you a deep insight into how Dubai was in yesteryears.

Abra Boat Tour


Abra is the traditional boats in Dubai that are used from a time unknown and are critical to Dubai’s history and heritage. The Heritage Express takes you to the site where you can find many Abras making their way through the creek. These wooden boats send nostalgic chills to you with their outlook and make for a perfect historic element.

Shindaghta Dubai


The significance of the Shindagha in the heritage of Dubai is evident from the fact that it was the residence of the then ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. His resident building is now a heritage museum. The addition of this site in the Heritage express journey is quite justified as this place extends true vibes of how old age Dubai looked like. The rusty silhouettes, ancient corridors, and the museum spill the beans about the grown-up culture of the Emirates.

Etihad Museum Dubai


Etihad is much about the political and military heritage of the UAE as all the age-old documents, artifacts and buildings can be witnessed here. The area always had a vital role in the polity and military of Emirates and that is evident at the Etihad Museum. Apart from historical value, the place also adds to the beauty of the city as you can find serene backdrops along the creek here for a picture-perfect moment.

Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque

A list of places with the utmost contribution to Emirati heritage and culture is simply incomplete without adding the Jumeirah Mosque. Being the iconic landmark of the country, it is open to people from all faiths and religions to allow them deep insight into the culture and traditions of Islam. From its beautiful white structure to intense artistry, the place shouts out decently about the wealthy culture of the Emirates.

Things To Know

Price- Culture on Wheels: 199 AED/ person

             Emirati experience: Starting From 299 AED/ person

Timing- 3-5 hours in different schedules

Opening days- Opens daily


  • Wear comfortable clothes which cover the maximum of your body.
  • Carry sunglasses and hat if touring in day hours.
  • Keep a water bottle handy to stay hydrated.
  • Listen to the guides attentively to get the maximum out of the tour.

Nothing can be more fascinating than knowing about the history of a place and the heritage express does it for you most generously and traditionally. To drench all the senses in the warmth and pleasure of Dubai’s prosperous heritage, get your tickets for the amazing heritage express as soon as possible.

Heritage Express Dubai FAQs

What is the duration of the Heritage Express Dubai journey?

The Heritage Express Dubai journey varies from 3-5 hours depending on the variant you choose.

Are kids allowed on the Heritage Express Dubai?

Heritage Express Dubai is open to all age groups.

How to book tickets for Heritage Express Dubai?

To buy a ticket for the Heritage Express Dubai, you can contact your travel partner or can buy tickets directly on the site. To prevent queues, it is suggested to make advance bookings.

Which one is a better option, Culture on Wheels or the Emirati experience for heritage express Dubai?

Both the options are equally good as both take you to the prime locations with the cultural significance of Dubai. The only difference is that in the Emirati experience you get to taste authentic Emirati food in traditional setups.

Do both the red line and blue line routes include the same locations in the heritage express Dubai?

Both the red line and blue line routes in the heritage express Dubai includes the same historical sites and the only difference is in the order of sightseeing.

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