Travel To Dubai: Is It Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic?

A part of surprising and great news for many travel enthusiasts came as UAE’s second-largest and the most popular destination of the entire emirate, Dubai opened its international borders for tourists on July 7th, 2020. No wonder lies in the fact of Dubai being the most chosen tourist spot and the most sought international destination round the year for travelers. Thanks to its low crime rate ambiance and top-notch cleanliness post the pandemic. Also, the respect Dubai has for all the religions, and communities of the world is an impeccable feature of the nation. However, concerns lie for many you who are planning to travel to Dubai amidst this pandemic situation. The first question that you are probably asking yourself is that is Dubai safe to travel now? Well, for your reassurance, our answer would be genuine Yes.

COVID-19 Scenario in Dubai | Things You Should Know

UAE reported its first COVID-19 positive case back in January this year. But the pride of Emirates was quick in taking the necessary steps and action. The nation went into complete curfew, and everything was under strict lockdown by the middle of March 2020. Just like the other parts of the world, the most number of COVID-19 positive cases surged in Dubai by April and May. However, the case for Dubai was a little different as the destination witnessed a steady decline in their exponential graphs and was fortunately safe to not observe a second or third wave of the pandemic.

Travel to Dubai during Pandemic

UAE used a highly strict and extra attentive Government model that prevented the rise of COVID-19 cases in Dubai. Also, thanks to Dubai’s mass testing campaigns, and exceptional cooperation from its citizens as well. Dubai started easing down with its lockdown restriction as soon as the nation witnessed a significant downfall in the number of COVID-19 positive cases starting from May 27th, 2020. Soon after, Dubai granted the permission of its residents stuck in other countries to return home.  Later, it even green signaled its citizens for outbound travel as well, starting from 23rd June 2020. Besides that, they ensured that strict adherence to safety and preventive guidelines has to be maintained in line to enjoy the privileges. As it seems now, Dubai is gradually progressing its way to the new normal.

Dubai Ranking Itself among the World’s 20 Safest Countries during the Pandemic

In the process of combating the deadliest virus humanity has seen in this lifetime, Dubai achieved a significant milestone and ranked itself among the list of 20 most safe countries during the pandemic. The comprehensive report published by the esteemed Deep Knowledge Group (DKG), UAE placed itself in number 11. It implies that the nation beat the other 89 highly-developed countries in the competition to achieve this position. Surprisingly, Dubai even came ahead of Canada with its ranking.

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The extensive report generated by DKG was mainly to evaluate the social, economic, and health facilities of several countries during this phase of a global pandemic. Based on 130 qualitative and quantitative parameters set by the group, the Dubai government’s efficiency in handling the situation was deeply regarded. Facilities involving quarantining of its citizens, availability of its hospitals, and the way the virus detection campaign went on Dubai was something other countries learned from. Hence, if you are planning to travel to Dubai, rest assured about the fact that you are traveling to a well-organized and safe destination.

Dubai Has got All the Right Reasons to Be Happy

We are not stating this report just like that. According to statistics from the world happiness report that came out back in March of 2020, Dubai retained its perception of being the happiest country within the Arab region. Dubai was happy enough to achieve this status for the sixth time in a row now. Besides that, both Dubai and Abu Dhabi were declared as the happiest cities from the Middle East. The overall list constituted of 155 plus countries participating among which, Dubai stood at a glamourous 21st position. No wonder about the fact that your Dubai holidays are going to turn out to be super fun.

A Step By Step Summary of Travel to Dubai Guidelines

  • Firstly, the plane to the country cannot be full as it can be only booked to 80% of its total capacity so that, there is enough space between you, and the others traveling with you. The crew of the plane is protected by all the necessary personal protective equipment, and so are you. They will provide you a mask, gloves and you have to wear them the entire time you are on the flight. This implies that you don’t touch anything with your bare hands, and the chances of you picking up the infectious virus are reduced.
  • At the Airport, authorities will give the ones traveling to Dubai a free COVID-19 test. If you pass it, you don’t have to spend 14 days in quarantine as you become a free tourist to experience the beautiful country at its full glory.
  • At the hotels, the rooms are well sanitized and at the malls, everyone is wearing a mask and getting screened with their temperatures before they are granted entry. On the outside of all the public attractions, proper social distancing measurements are in place with markings so that tourists can take their respective spots. While at the desserts, there are no tourists at all, so you get to enjoy like a king.

Few Important Things to Consider For Your Dubai Holidays Post July 7th, 2020

Inline to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to ensure the utmost safety of tourists landing at Dubai, international travelers need to adhere to these following guideline:

  • Should apply for the right visa
  • Registering personal details at the COVID-19 DXB application
  • Completing the Health Declaration Form presented to you by the officials
  • Carry your international health insurance certificates
  • You have to bring the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test reports along with you and need to submit them at the airport. The test cannot expire the four days before you arrive in Dubai.
  • In case you are showing COVID-19 like symptoms, or if your test result ends up becoming positive, you have to self-isolate for 14 days in a government facility.

Along with all such important things to consider for your Dubai holidays, you should also stick to the general safety guidelines by the government. Those include avoiding crowded places, following social distancing norms, wearing a mask at public places, disinfecting your hands at regular intervals by either washing them rigorously with soap water for at least 20 seconds. Additionally, for your safety, make sure that you do not touch any surfaces at public places, and avoid front seats during cab rides.


Final Words

With the international borders of UAE all set to open, and with all the major flights including the likes of Emirates getting back into action, it is evident that Dubai lies in the low-risk category and probably one of the safest destinations to travel to, during such unprecedented times.

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