Dubai Excursions You Should Not Miss


The list of Dubai Excursions is a tale never-ending, as every deck and corner of this land is worth exploring.  Dubai tourism industry is considered one of the luckiest in the world given the plethora of visitors landing here each year. All this is not because any Cupid is playing between the visitors and Dubai but the wealthy itinerary it offers to the backpackers seeking a vacation full of fun, adventure, and entertainment. The rich menu of holidays for all types of people, may it be adventurer, historical enthusiast, a family headed out for fun or leisure seeking couple, makes it a ‘not-to-think-twice’ destination for everyone.

The profusion of striking and majestic climacterics of the ‘heart of Emirates’ makes it a tough choice on what to see and what not as in the squeezed time,  one cannot taste all the touristic flavors from its huge platter. But, there are some places missing out on which can cost you a valuable deal of fun and adventure. These spots are the crown jewels of Dubai’s robust skyline and are the most significant contributors to the ever-growing visitor base of the fishermen’s land. From history to adventure, these destinations hold special offerings for the guests.

So, here is a list of some Dubai excursions you must not miss while chasing the landmarks of the city.

Miracle Garden

Witness the artistic dexterity in the world made out of Flowers

Literal to its name, the Dubai miracle garden is a miracle indeed as the moment you enter the garden, it takes you to a world full of colors, fragrance, and fascinating flower art. Mesmerizing Flowers composed of stunning structures, Backgrounds, and world-famous buildings make this place a must-visit for all Dubai guests.


Miracle Garden Tickets Prices OnlineIn the garden, you can whet your visual and olfactory senses while passing through serene tunnels sealed from the sky by colorful flower blankets and can find the most captivating structures like flower butterfly, Emirates A380, mighty Burj Khalifa, etc.


  • Explore iconic world structures developed out of flowers.
  • Capture photos for your social media with beautiful backdrops of flower arcs, Tombs,  tunnels, etc.
  • Discover more than 50 million flowers at a single complex.
Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden & Butterfly Garden

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Burj Khalifa

Be the eyewitness to the world’s largest building which is synonymous with grandeur, luxury, and lavishness.

Burj Khalifa is not an alien to the world as the largest building of the world has scattered its glory all over. It has become a nickname to Dubai. No visitor thinks of Dubai excursions without visiting this sky-poking silhouette. Depending on your choice you can either just gaze at the building from outside or enter its enchanting interior with tickets.

Burj KhalifaFlush your eyes with the Dubai panorama from the 124th floor of the building and enjoy the tranquil fountain show which is a visual treat for the viewers from up at this height. Be a part of the lavishness at the restaurants, spa, and clubs in the building.


  • Enjoy a stunning 360-degree view of Dubai from the observation decks.
  • Spend some leisure time at the Burj Khalifa club
  • Eat at some of the poshest restaurants of Dubai in the building.

Burj Khalifa Tour – From The Top

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Dubai Fountain Show

Enjoy an evening of visual and audible retreat with an overwhelming live show of light, music, and dancing water streams.

Dubai has a visual treat for all its visitors in the form of the Dubai Fountain show. A magnificently choreographed performance of light, music, and water streams mesmerizes even your most serious nerve. Organized at the Burj Khalifa Lake, the stage of the show is neighbored by the prestigious Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. The synchronized water streams dancing to soothing music and collaborating cordially with the light makes your evening well spent. You can view the fountain show from Dubai Mall as well but exploiting it completely from the viewer arena has a thrill and excitement beyond words.

Dubai Christmas Package


  • Relish the fountain show while riding a boat in the lake.
  • Immerse in the splendid session treating your dopamine.
  • Capture the highest and largest dancing fountains of the world.

Kite Beach

Get a perfect beach experience soaked up in sun, sand, and sport.

Glamorous beaches are always a primary choice for all those who are on a leisure tour and the Kite beach is that very pick in Dubai. It goes steps ahead as the place is not just a picturesque surrounding for a luxurious time but also an adventure zone. From kite surfing to paddle boarding and wakeboarding, you can relish an extensive list of water sports at this most popular of Dubai shores. If you are not much of a spirited water sportsman then you can enjoy dry beach sports as well at the Kite Beach. You can get equipment for beach volleyball, soccer and all other water and beach sports at the beachside on rent. Summing up, we can say that the Kite beach is a one-stop solution for adventure, leisure, and acute beach fun.



  • Take a kite surfing session to shake your adrenaline.
  • Enjoy beachside bites at the food trucks.
  • Let your kids indulge in the fun at Splash N Party waterpark
  • Simply fly a kite for nostalgia.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Explore the traditional market of Dubai to shop for everyone back home

No junket is ever concluded without strolling around the local market of the destination. Dubai also offers you many such markets to explore, but the best out of all is the Souk Madinat. It is the traditional shopping hub of Dubai decked up with authentic spice shops, jewelry, handicrafts, souvenirs, and whatnot. You can carry back baggage of memories from here. This place is significant not just from a shopping point of view but also as a tourist attraction as you can see historical buildings, ancient lanes, and heritage spots here. For your taste buds, from genuine Emirati flavors to all global cuisines like Indian, Thai, Chinese, etc., you can find all culinary domains in the souk.


  • Explore the aura of the souk through a traditional Abra ride
  • Shop a fortune at premium shops of handicrafts, souvenirs, and pieces of jewelry.
  • Enjoy some entertaining time with live performances at the Madinat theatre

Global Village

Take a world tour within 5-6 hours and whet each of your senses at this cultural extravaganza.

We won’t be exaggerating if we say that the tour to Global Village is in fact a mini cultural world tour. Showcasing the culture, tradition, and arts of different countries at several pavilions, this huge complex holds up a world in it. Every year, the world keeps waiting for the village to open as it unlocks a zone full of cultural treats, shows, adventure, fun, and a culinary fair. The global village takes you on the hypothetical tour of eminent countries like India, Egypt, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, etc. while being in Dubai itself. Through the pavilions of different countries, you can explore the culture, handicrafts, famous buildings, cuisine, and heritage of the respective nation.

Over 300 displays and live events allow you to enjoy spectacular performances in the village. From food courts to street-side stalls, you can find some of the most satisfying flavors here.


  • Shop at various pavilions to take back memories from all over the world.
  • Get up for some adventure at rides and horror shows.
  • Gear Up with the thrill session at the stunt show.
  • Trench your foodie soul with cuisines from across the globe.
Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai

Availability : Until April 18th 2021
FromAED 15
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Wild Wadi

Exhilarate your senses at Dubai’s most-visited water park

To be on the list of Dubai excursions that you should not miss, a place needs to be very promising and the Wild Wadi Adventure Park is exactly the same. To compensate for the adrenaline quotient in the city, this amusement and adventure park lets you dip your nerves in thrill, exhilaration, and excitement. Based on the adventures of Juha, Arabic folklore this place is embedded with a thrilling series of rides and water euphoria. From high-speed rides like Jumeirah sceirah and Tantrum alley to a family ride like Juha’s journey, this land of Juha offers you every emotion of thrill. To overcome exhaustion and relax at the wave pool or bite on some snacks available at various food courts, only to head back again towards the fun.


  • Stimulate your adrenaline with more than 30 rides and attractions.
  • Book a VIP cabana and make your stay more happening and lush.
  • Enjoy a mesmerizing foot spa session specially arranged in the park.

Meena Bazar

Explore the local shoppers stop of the city with all authentic gold and diamond jewelry

If you want to know that why Dubai is termed as the ‘Gold City’, then you must visit the Meena Bazaar of the city. Residing in the traditional settings of Bur Dubai, this market offers a dramatic visual of decorated shops of gold jewelry, textiles, and handicrafts along the stretch of Dubai creek. You can find a most varied range of fashion accessories, jewelry, and home décor items at the Meena Bazaar. In fact, if you get a spot then do visit the Meena jewelers, the oldest gold shop in Dubai. The ambiance of the market is at its best during the night when the shining shops share their glare with the enchanting Dubai creek. To offer a decent rest to your shopping routine, you can let your taste buds loose at tasty platters found in the bazaar.


  • Discover shops from a variety of origins like Indian, Pakistani, African, etc.
  • Eat on scrumptious food at street stalls
  • Buy traditional outfits and accessories at reasonable prices.

Dubai Marina

Enjoy the cosmopolitan neighborhood installed with a host of recreational and adventurous activities.

To claim a vacation in Dubai to be fulfilling, you cannot skip visiting the most looked after destination of the city, the Dubai Marina. Given its luxurious stretches, vibrant beach, superfluous mall, and thrilling adventure opportunities, no wonders it is so popular among the visitors. Being the most adorable man-made marina, this zone is impeccable in providing you with a contemporary and serene panorama. The glistening water at the front, gorgeous buildings behind, and all leisure, fun, and adventure in-between attracts the tourists to this place where you can enjoy yachting, cruising, shopping from global brands, tasting exotic platters, water sporting, strolling along the glamorous promenade and the list can go pretty long. The grace and charm of Dubai Marina belong to this place only and missing out on it can be a losing deal.

Dubai MarinaHighlights

  • Ride an antique boat in the water.
  • Enjoy a luxurious Dhow Cruise dinner.
  • Give a closer look at the area with a stroll at JBR beach
  • Get a speedy glance at the city from the water with a speedboat ride.
  • Indulge in some vibrant fun at Zero gravity beach club.

The Palm Island

Explore the poshest corner of Dubai embedded with all scopes of adventure

The Palm Islands are a group of three man-made islands whose glory and elegance is no less than the natural ones. The beautiful palm-shaped arenas, these islands are the new name to grandeur in Dubai. From expensive hotels, recreational hubs, restaurants, pristine beaches, and adventure zones, you can find every element of a remarkable tourist spot here. Out of the three mighty projects, the Palm Jumeirah is open to the public and it seriously is a place to mark your presence. From adventure at Aquaventure park two leisure at an exotic spa and recreational activities at various entertainment hotspots, this place doesn’t allow you to be bored. Owing to the range of fun it offers, it certainly deserves a place in the must-visit Dubai excursions list.


  • Explore Dubai’s signature silhouette, Burj Al Arab
  • Spend a blissful time at the beaches
  • Let loose your joyful side at the Aquaventure park
  • Explore more than 65,000 marine creatures at the lost chambers aquarium.
  • Enjoy the splashy range of water sports like snorkeling, paddling, parasailing, etc

Dubai Frame

Explore the architectural dexterity in the largest frame.

One of the latest elements to the mighty Skyline of Dubai, the Dubai frame is a genius architecture that is made to leave people spellbound with the beautiful structure of the frame and sweeping panorama it provides to the visitors from its balcony. You can soak in one of the finest views of the city from the building as being so large and tall, it allows your vision to overlap over the metropolis. The beauty of the vision from the Frame lies in the blended view of Dubai downtown and Bur Dubai it provides to you. Apart from the majestic sights, it also extends recreational fun within the building. You can find luxurious hotels, restaurants, shops, and fun zones in the Frame to have a fun time. Being in Dubai makes it an obvious choice to explore the Dubai Frame as it is the new pride of the city.


  • Appreciate the magnetic structure of this latest crown jewel of Dubai itinerary.
  • A glance at the beautiful city from the Frame.
  • Enjoy various fun zones within the Dubai Frame

Dubai Desert Safari

Enrich your senses with the golden and authentic side of the metropolis.

To provide a striking contrast to the glitter of the cosmopolitan, the golden desert of Dubai takes you to the Bedouin world of the good old days of Dubai. Being in the city and skipping out on this fascinating activity is definitely not out of a smart head. the unique desert experience conveyed to you in Dubai desert Safari is critical to any Dubai junket. From adventurous dune bashing to calm nights decorated with stars, moon and live performances in Bedouin camps make you a part of their rich heritage and culture. Here you can enjoy a series of thrill sessions like camel rides, hot air balloon rides, quad biking, falcon shows, and many more. Adding to the cultural significance, you can taste the most authentic Emirati platters in the Bedouin camps of desert Safari.


  • Enjoy adventurous desert activities like dune bashing, camel ride, quad biking, etc.
  • Explore rich Bedouin culture in night camps.
  • Get acquainted with desert animals like camels, falcons, etc.

Evening Desert Safari

Evening Safari (5 hrs)
Availability : Available
FromAED 350AED 180
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Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari with Quad Biking

Standard Morning Safari (3 hours)
Availability : Daily
FromAED 250
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Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Overnight Desert Safari
Availability : Available
FromAED 599AED 499
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Dubai Creek

Relish the grace of water blended with the liveliness of streets.

Dubai Creek is the paradise of Dubai. Showered with tranquility and seraphic beauty, this place should be a must on your bucket list in Dubai. Shining water flowing in the most enchanting manner along with bustling markers, historical balconies, and shimmering streets makes this place stand out of all other destinations. To add to its charm, the traditional Abras tracing back and forth in the creek allow you to sneak a peek into the old day Dubai when this creek used to be the lifeline of the city’s trade. The mighty stretch of Dubai Creek is all the way fascinating and drool-worthy.


  • Immerse in the experience of graceful water stream flowing along lively banks
  • Enjoy a traditional Abra ride in the creek
  • Savor delicious street food and explore local markets along the creek.

Dubai Museum

Explore the history of the UAE in a spectacular way.

The true essence of a junket is consummated only when you satiate the historical buff in you. In Dubai, this salvation cannot be achieved without visiting the historical hotspot of the city, the Dubai Museum. It is quite evident that if it is a museum, it’s historically significant. But, what makes this place critical to your itinerary is its contribution to Dubai heritage. Residing inside the old Al Fahidi Fort, the Museum brims with the history and heritage of Dubai. You can find the oldest of UAE’s artifacts, weapons, ornaments, paintings, structures, etc. To drown down into typical Emirati livelihood, you can explore primitive houses of yesteryears’ Emirates represented in the museum. Here, you can acknowledge yourself with the magical evolution of the city through a pictorial representation of decades. The bottom line is that if you don’t want to disappoint your historic nerves, don’t miss this place.


  • Be a witness to UAE’s rich history.
  • Explore the ancient Al Fahidi Fort.
  • Buy souvenirs for memories

Dubai Mall

A Mall but more than that.

Malls and supermarkets are generally visited just for the shopping purpose and visitors usually ditch them for local markets. If you are also having the same plans then please DON’T! Dubai Mall is not just an expensive shopping and dining center but a full-fledged visitor zone in the city. The mall is decked up with outlets of exclusive and most renowned brands from the world, but what makes it attractive for tourists are various fun and adventure areas in the mall. From the ice skating arena to the view of Dubai fountains, the Mall makes up for a nice time. The highlight of the mall is its Aquarium and underwater zoo. One of its kind underwater glass Tunnel makes you an apparent part of the marine world present in this fortune-sized aquarium. From sharks to seahorses, you can spot a huge variety of aquatic beings. So, don’t miss it and any cost.


  • Explore an underwater zoo and aquarium.
  • Enjoy ice skating
  • Savor your eyes on the magnetic interior of the mall.

Burj Al Arab

Be a witness to luxury redefined.

If you want to visit a place where the entire grace and glory of Dubai is showered then you must turn your journey towards the imperial structure, Burj Al Arab. This super luxurious hotel is the second name for royal, plush, and exotic surroundings. Its sail-shaped structure was the talk of the town back then in 1999 when it opened its doors for the visitors and even today it manages to grab the attention of almost all the Dubai guests. This opulent 7-star inn holds all the elements that can leave you gawking with amusement. From thousands of Swarovski crystals embedded at various places to hold plated marble facades, the hotel doesn’t leave a crack for the ordinary. To make this place more tempting, the hotel offers Michelin star chefs’ made dishes to the visitors. Apart from all this, the sumptuous spa, recreational zones, and interior of the hotel make it a perfect destination to land in Dubai.


  • Set your eyes blinking at the amazing architecture and interior of the hotel.
  • Enjoy leisurely fun at the luxurious spa in the hotel
  • Spend some quality time at the private beach of the hotel.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Trace your way through opulence and serenity.

Sheikh Zayed Road is the perfect example of how a road journey can double up as a sightseeing session. This floodlit passage along the coast attending glorious skyscrapers and picturesque landscapes is no wonder a must-visit spot in Dubai. This more than 500km of stretch allows you to immerse in all sorts of adventure, fun, and entertainment. You can shop at the Emirates Mall which is a premium stop along the SZR. For adrenaline satisfaction, try skydiving from the top of the Mall of Emirates. This jump in the concrete jungle full of skyscrapers is a next-level thrill. There are many other malls, golf clubs, entertainment zones, etc. along this enchanting 8 lane passage which can serve you as an impeccable fun spot. Moreover, mere the ambiance of the road, especially at night is enough to send amusement chills to you.


  • Head for a shopping spree in various malls along the road
  • Enjoy a ride on a fully illuminated, clean, and graceful passage bordered by the skyscrapers of the metropolis.
  • Thrill out at various adventure stops along the road.

The Atlantis

Mark your presence in opulence.

The culture of Dubai of treating its guests with the best of hospitality and warmth is carried on very efficiently by the premium spot of the city, The Atlantis. This luxurious hotel needs no introduction as it is one of the very few spots which serves as the identity of the city. Succeeding all the parameters of an overwhelming hotel experience, this place goes far beyond being just a hotel. Situated in the beautiful Palm Island, this silhouette takes you on a tour full of adventure, culinary amusements, leisure, fun, and entertainment. To start with your fun, you can visit the aquaventure water park and chase exhilaration. In the hotel, you can taste most exotic dishes from Michelin star chefs. You can also set up the vacation mood at the beach and enjoy water sports there. The Atlantis serves as a perfect spot for all-inclusive fun, so on your Dubai vacations, do mark this place.


  • Relish exemplary hospitality in the premium hotel.
  • Have fun at the private beach.
  • Explore the enchanting interior of the hotel.

Jumeirah Mosque

Explore the spiritual hub of the city.

The most spiritually active place in Dubai, which is equally an adorable silhouette is the Jumeirah Mosque. One of the most visited places in the city, the Jumeirah Mosque is synonymous with grace, glory, and serenity. This all-white silhouette boasts about its fascinating architecture and intricate carvings. This place holds a special place in Dubai itinerary because of its open-minded policy. Its doors are open to people from all races, caste, religions, and gender. The beauty and charm of the mosque don’t differentiate between people. To add to its attractive parameters is the chandelier in its main hall. This glittering ceiling ornament is the largest in the world. The peaceful aura and seraphic surroundings of the mosque are enough to get it a top-most spot in Dubai’s skyline.


  • Witness intricate carvings and sculptures.
  • Enjoy a peaceful and picturesque environment.
  • Explore the largest chandelier in the world.

Jumeirah Beach

Set your mood for the ultimate fun.

Beaches ought to be in the bucket lists of a place but when it is as fantastic as the Jumeirah Beach then missing out on it can cost you high. This ultimate fun destination of Dubai calls for a variety of adventure and holiday exposures for its visitors. The serene environment of the beach is quintessential to an exit from the stress of daily lives. And, to make the best out of adventurous opportunities, hop on the activities like parasailing, jet-skiing, boat tour, etc. You can enjoy delicious beachside food at restaurants and stalls to make your beach stay fulfilling. The Jumeirah beach is a one-stop solution for all your junketing needs, so don’t forget to bookmark it in your must-visit list in Dubai.


  • Relax and enjoy the Sun lounging at the beach in front of the deep blue sea.
  • Try your daring nerves on the water sports available at the beach.
  • Relish your taste buds with tasty beachside food.

Dubai never runs out of attractions and you can go on with your vacation here uninterrupted. But, since our busy schedules don’t allow us to spend a bucket full of holidays, we have to snatch the maximum out of the handful. So, to extract out the ample of Dubai essence on your junket, mark these places in your go-to list and not miss out on some serious fun and excitement. Carry on with these Dubai excursions and make your tour a memorable one.

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