Visit Top Tourist Attractions On Your Dubai Virtual Tour

When the COVID-19 has taken its toll over the globe and this outspread has compelled the world to stay indoors then a nice Dubai Virtual Tour can help them in productively utilizing this free time. The present situation is that nearly 50% of the world population is under lockdown. The people are packed in their houses and all their travel plans have been dumped to cold boxes. But don’t worry, we are here for you in every good and bad time and to ensure your complete entertainment, we extend an unforeseen offer of Dubai Virtual Tour. Sights offered in the tour are:

Fahidi Museum

Things To Do in Dubai Expo 2020

A treasure for centuries, the Fahidi museum is a mirror to Dubai of fishermen. The place takes you on a journey back to days of fort and cannons which is enough to fill you with intriguing thoughts about the good old days of Dubai. Strikingly different from the modern-day grace of Dubai, this museum showcases the Bedouin culture and traditional houses and markets. This virtual tour will make you explore ancient weapons and artefacts in this museum.

Take a Virtual Tour: Al Fahidi and Dubai Museum

Gold Souks

Places to shop in Dubai

One of the most fascinating and interesting places to visit in Dubai is its Gold souk. This virtual tour enables you to take a look at the beautifully organized gold souk where you can find the most intricate gold pieces. You will witness a trail of retailers lined up and attracting their customers with tempting jewelry pieces.

Take a Virtual Tour: Gold Souks

Spice Souk

Places to visit in Dubai

Another gem of a market in Dubai is the spice souk where you can find some of the richest and exotic spices and herbs in this market. The alleys of the market brim with the aroma of the spices. The virtual version might not help you with the aroma but the realistic views of stacked boxes full of spices are enough to create the illusion.

Take a Virtual Tour: Spice Souk

Traditional Abra Ride in Deira

Things to do in Dubai

Want to enjoy an Abra ride in clear water being at home? Dubai virtual tour can help you. You can enjoy beautiful views of the Dubai Skyline from the creek riding in an Abra in this virtual junket. The still creek water and enticing views of the skyscrapers mesmerize you and help you forget the pandemic worries for some time.

Take a Virtual Tour: Abra Ride

Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai virtual tour presents for you one of the most visited attractions of Dubai on your smart screens, the Jumeirah mosque. The exterior of the mosque will showcase a sophisticated architecture extending a subtle yet classic outlook. As you enter the mosque, you will see a series of pillars supporting magnificently designed ceilings of the silhouette. The breathtaking architecture of this mosque has made it one of the most sought-after attractions in Dubai.

Take a Virtual Tour: Jumeirah Mosque

Dubai Fountain Show

Dubai City Tour

The splendor of the Dubai Fountain Show is not oblivious to the world. A synchronized performance of light and water streams on soothing notes is spellbinding. The turning of Burj Khalifa into a cluster of dancing lights and complemented with wicked fountains is a scene worth-capturing. You will also be able to see famous elements of Dubai’s enormous skyline.

Take a Virtual Tour: Dubai Fountain Show

Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis Hotel

Places to stay in Dubai

The charm of the palm tree island never ceases. You can explore the stupefying crescent panorama and also the grand Atlantis facing the mighty creek. Watch the extravagant setting of the iconic Atlantis hotel and for sure, you wouldn’t be able to exit the scene for long. The magnificent lobby of these famed destinations explains the reasons of Atlantis being the pride of Dubai.

Take a Virtual Tour: Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis Hotel

Kite Beach

Famous beaches in Dubai

Watch the beautiful gradient of water extended by the postcard identity of Dubai, the Burj Al Arab and renowned skyscrapers like the Jumeirah Beach hotel. The kite beach redefines Paradise as the crystal clear sky meeting the soothing water at the Horizon reflects what heaven can be. The virtual views of the beach push you towards a hypothetical reality of being in a magical landscape of sand and water.

Take a Virtual Tour: Kite Beach

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Book Dubai Aquarium Tickets Online

Immerse into a long tunnel 270 degrees sealed with the sky of rich marine life. Dubai aquarium is renowned worldwide owing to its state-of-the-art design and lively interaction with aquatic beings. Virtual meeting with so many fishes surrounding you from left to right claims to be an experience worth enjoying.

Take a Virtual Tour: Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Mall of Emirates

Dubai Travel Packages

Window shopping can be a good time pass and what other places can be better than the Mall of Emirates. This striking and opulent destination of shopping in Dubai can give you many shopping goals once the world is out of the Corona scenario. You can acknowledge yourself with the most renowned brands in the world in this mall.

Take a Virtual Tour: Mall of Emirates

View from the top of Burj Khalifa (148th Floor)

Burj Khalifa Tickets Price

If its world’s tallest building then it must serve you with unanticipated views of the city. Dubai virtual tour allows you an uninterrupted view from the 148 level of this vertical trail. Watching the city in a bird’s eye and inhaling the essence of this ever-developing city motivates you to plan your trip to the city when things will get back to normal again. The magnificence of Burj Khalifa is easily graspable from this virtual tour and the enchanting beauty of the metropolis will amaze you to the core of your senses.

Take a Virtual Tour: Burj Khalifa

Dubai Mall

Dubai Tour Packages

The plush and royal shopping center of Dubai offers you more than 300 seats surpassing another in fame. The interior of the mall and the shops are magnetic and automatically divert your attention towards them. The high-end setting of restaurants and cafe marks this place as a legendary mall in the history of Dubai.

Take a Virtual Tour: Dubai Mall

We know that the world is in a critical situation but to stay calm and safe, staying indoors is the only option. So, be in your homes and enjoy Dubai virtual tour at your convenience.

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