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Why should you think “Green?” For UAE?

Think GreenUAE and “Green” do not sound enharmonic, predominantly due to the Massive desert- the Arabian Desert that holds much of UAE’s geographic footprint. To add another interesting factor to what we know as a barren landscape called ‘a desert’, is that the UAE has a Population Growth of 315% in the past 10 years between 1990 an 2010. This is the highest in the world! Due to the extreme hot climate, the UAE also has the highest per capita water consumption standing at 364 litres per day, nearly 82 per cent above the global average individual demand.

The Sum of this equation is a massive metropolitan, with individuals from around the globe crowding in to work together. Great infrastructures, on all verticals give way to opportunities for employment and business for all. All these Factors contribute to massive global warming, and carbon emissions. With the all the facts into consideration, UAE would arguably be one of the most unfriendly countries to the environment and Mother Nature. The affects on the world are massive, beginning with climate shift, and leading to much more dire factors such as species extinction.

With the population constantly inflating rapidly, there needs to be an equally aggressive campaign for the people to think ‘green’, primarily due to the fact that UAE can be considered the Epicenter of this disaster, why not attack this beast from where it hurts and counts most!?! Education on how to preserve and and protect our environment is bound to be most affective here, with almost 200 nationalities of people accumulated in one region, the repercussions of this awareness program is to be most affective.

How can we begin to spread the “Green” thinking caps? In the UAE, where awareness is certainly at a minimum, the key is to start spreading the very affects of UAE’s pollution and abuse of natural resources. The solution does not lie in the education of the young generations. The expatriate working class forms a major portion of the populace, so a current reform of how we consume natural resources is required. Let’s see what you have to say about ideas on everyday methods to save and curb the carbon emissions? How do YOU plan to save WATER?

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