All You Need To Know About Traveling During COVID-19 Crisis

The world is on a pause mode due to COVID-19. No one ever in their weirdest of dreams would have imagined that we would land in a situation like this. But today we have. This universal fight against the virus is in its full fledge but still, we are struggling. The adversity of the situation is evident from the fact that international travels are banned and many powerful countries are completely locked down.

To prevail quarantine, the governments of different countries are taking every step possible and one such measure is seizing travel as much as possible. The virus cannot travel on itself. So, to prevent its outspread, the travel of people is banned to essential levels.

Even though travel is not allowed but still in many cases you have to. It may be because of essential services or due to health-related issues or maybe any other reason. But it is not safe to travel in this looming epidemic condition. So, to keep your travel safe, here are some important instructions you must follow while traveling in the time of COVID-19.

Should You Travel During Corona Spread?

Even the dumbest ears would have heard by now that corona can be defeated by social distancing only. Until and unless the virus gets some carrier, it would not resume its journey to the next victim. So, to break its chain, it is highly demanded to obstruct travel. If you fail to do so then the virus can drastically damage the society.

But if you still want to carry on with your plans and are even allowed to then to keep yourself and others safe from the virus is your responsibility. You must follow all the preventive measures against the virus as the safety of the society and you yourself depend on how serious you are towards this situation.

Guidelines to Travel in Corona Era:

All the health organizations of countries and even the World Health Organization are continuously acknowledging people regarding all safety measures you must adapt to shield yourself from Corona infection. Some of the key preventive measures you must follow during travel are:

  • Wear a mask
    Wearing a mask becomes highly important to minimize the risk of allowing coronavirus in your territory. It prohibits the virus from entering your body through your nose or mouth. Also, if you are infected then wearing a mask will help others shielded to infection from you. Some people feel awkward in wearing a mask but you must remember that an awkward feel is better than no feeling.
  • Wash your hands
    This one is undoubtedly the most basic manner to prevent any disease. And now when it is coronavirus then washing hands becomes mandatory. Your hand touches a number of places in routine and you never know which is carrying a virus. So, to kill the virus, it is important to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with good quality soap or hand wash. In cases, you cannot have access to water and soap then do keep an alcohol-based sanitizer bottle handy with you. After touching any place that is open to virus action use sanitizer for precaution.
  • Maintain social distancing
    Distance is what kills corona. If it is unable for corona to find a new body to attack then it will die automatically. So, to stop it from splurging it is a must to maintain social distancing. Many countries are practicing lockdown. In fact, India is witnessing the biggest breakdown of history. The reason behind this is just the same, to prohibit contacts which may act as a bridge for coronavirus. Even in case of emergency, if you have to meet someone then you must maintain a distance of at least one meter. Avoid any handshake or contact. During travel especially, try not to touch any other person or come in less than 1 meter of proximity as you may not know whether the person is infected. Distancing will help you to destruct the passage of the virus which will help both, you and the society.
  • Sanitize
    During travel in the Corona span, you will come into contact with so many objects that may be potential coronavirus carriers. So, sanitize the maximum possible of your surroundings and objects that you come in contact with. Wipe your seats on the bus or train with sanitizer before sitting. Use gloves before touching bus/train supports or handles, lift buttons, staircase railing, etc. Wear gloves if it is possible and dispose of the gloves carefully. Also, disinfect any object you buy or get which may have traveled a distance, even the currency notes.  Mind it that as much you sanitize your surroundings as much you will be safe from the corona.
  • Self cleanup
    While traveling there is pretty much chance that you are carrying coronavirus with you on your body or clothes. So, to get rid of it before it enters your body, you must properly wash up your entire body. After entering the house, go to the bathroom and dip all your clothes in hot detergent water. After that, take a bath with a disinfectant soap. Before all this procedure, do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth as these are the entry points of the coronavirus. Disinfect all the places you touched all this while like a tap, doors, etc. It’s only you who can protect you from this fatal virus, so maintain the ultimate level of hygiene.
  • After reaching home
    Once you return back to your home after your travel, isolate yourself. Do not come in contact with any of your family members as in spite of using all precautions you might catch the virus and it takes at least 7 days to see the first symptoms in a healthy body. So, to prevent your family from any type of infection, maintain isolation.

When to Strictly Avoid Traveling

It is obvious that sometimes there are very urgent reasons to travel but some conditions strictly prohibit you from traveling in the outspread of the corona.

  • You must not travel if you are more than 65 years of age as the virus is the most fatal for senior citizens. Also, you should not take kids with you as they are also under threat.
  • If you are having any medical history of respiratory or cardiovascular disease then you must keep yourself isolated and avoid any type of travel.
  • Do not travel in countries that are at high alert or have a high population with corona patients and suspects. Traveling to such a country increases your chances to catch the virus too much. So, if traveling to these countries like Italy, America, etc. must be canceled.

The number of corona cases is increasing exponentially and it’s both our responsibility and our need to follow all measures in order to get relief from this virus. If we do not follow the instructions and show ignorant behavior towards the disease then we will have to face the wrath of the virus as the countries like Italy are facing. When nature becomes revengeful then we must step back. So, stay in your homes and protect yourself and society from the epidemic which is a portentous epidemic.

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