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The Tanzania Tour You Should Not Miss!

Tanzania is one of the best country for travelling yet it goes unnoticed by many, so in this blog we are going to share things you surely don’t know about Tanzania. It’s popularly known for its culture, traditions and for adventures too. Tanzania is also famous for educational tours, you can plan an educational trip with kids or adults and expand their knowledge about wild animals, mountains and safaris. The country is also rich when it comes to astounding mountains, lush green valleys and deep blue oceanic views. Here we have mentioned few things about Tanzania tour you should not miss!

Coastal Zenzibar:

It’s best known as perfect beach holiday destination. It comprises of two Islands: Zanzibar and Pemba. Many people prefer to unwind here after long African holiday (Hiking, trekking, safaris etc). Zenzibar has a lot of attractions like fascinating buildings, relaxing beach atmosphere, the coral reefs off the coasts that offer amazing diving experience. It also offers wide range of small shops, where you can easily find travelling essentials.



Serengeti is the most famous National park of Tanzania. It’s one of the most oldest and largest national parks in the continent and is home to some great wildlife animals. You can spot lions, cheetahs, civets, servals, zebras, gazelles, foxes, elephants, giraffes, ostriches and antelopes.

Lake Manyara:

The Lake Manyara National park is most famous for its tree climbing Lions, birdlife and large number of elephants. The tree climbing lions are the main reason why tourists are attracted to this area. Other than lions, you can also spot giraffes, buffaloes, monkeys, baboons and hippos here. It’s also a haven for ornithologists, with over 350 bird species here. The most common birds you will find here are kingfishers, bee-eaters, hornbills and the barbets.


Tanzania Luxury Safari:

It will be one of the best wildlife experience in Tanzania. Tents here will be pretty comfortable and you will get well cooked food. You can stay in luxurious canvas tent here and experience wildlife in a more comfortable and relaxed way.

Bird Watching:

Tanzania is home to the second largest variety of bird species and ranks amongst the top bird-watching destinations in the world. You will spot hundreds of different bird species here. Some of the famous bird-watching safaris are Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, Arusha, Mikumi, Ruaha, Saadani and Mahala mountains.

Tanzania is blessed with beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife. The country can easily bring you a lifetime of memories and experiences. With Travelex you can spot jaw-dropping scenery, biggest wild-animal population in the world and a tropical climate of. Don’t miss out on this Tanzania tour because it has thrill, adventure and much more to excite a traveler in you!

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