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A Hiking Trip in Nepal

Nepal has always been a paradise for adventure lovers and travelers. It has so much to offer: mountains, lakes, hills, historical and religious places, trekking areas and so many activities! Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Nepal. A hiking trip in this country will take you to explore some jaw-dropping scenery, stunning landscapes, and lush green valleys. Hiking is a great way to explore a country or simply enjoy your life the fullest, away from social media or daily routine. In this blog, we will discuss Nepal hiking trip in the Annapurna Base Camp and some tips to make your trip hassle free!

Annapurna Base Camp:

Annapurna Base Camp is the busiest hiking trek for tourists. It attracts more people on the base of the Annapurna mountain, which is the tenth highest mountain in the world. This mountain range is in full show from various stages of the camp trek. The trek also goes through stone-built villages, mountains, forests, and blooming flowers. Its main destination includes the Annapurna as well as Machapuchare Base Camp.

The trekking starts from the beautiful city of Nepal Pokhara which is famous for its mountains, lakes and green hills. The trip then takes you to some great locations, and you will also get to see 360-degree views of the Annapurna ranges from your trekking path.

Best time to go for Nepal hiking trip:

February, March, April, November, and December are Nepal’s peak and the best times to go hiking. In January, November, and December the skies are clear but it can get very cold. During February, March, and April the weather is pleasant and the landscape looks colorful and really great.

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Annapurna Circuit Day 11: Today it was a 4:00 alarm to get up to Poon Hill to see whether or not this sunrise everyone is making such a big deal about is actually worth the effort. However, things are not looking good as it's incredibly foggy outside. Maybe it will be clear on top of Poon Hill? Best go and find out. After a quick 1,100 ft / 336 m climb up to the observation point (where there's a viewing tower and, of course, a tea shop), I haven't managed to escape the clouds. There's only one other person at the top when I arrive, but soon the dozens of people I passed on the way up join us. Strangely, nobody joins me in the tower. Sunrise comes and goes and I see exactly zero mountains and zero suns. Cool. From Poon Hill (heh), I head down the end of the Annapurna Circuit (at least what I am assuming is more or less the "official" Annapurna Circuit since I have seen it marked differently on different maps) to the village of Nayapul where I hit my final permit checkpoint and find a paved road. After some negotiation with the taxi driver mafia, I get a ride for 1,200 rupees (~$12 US) back to Pokhara – around two hours away. On the way, we hit a long line of cars and buses stopped at a section of road that has been closed for construction – the seemingly one and only road. The taxi driver tells me it will be a couple of hours before they reopen it and turns around to take a wild detour through muddy mountain back roads as I wonder why closing the road and working during the middle of the day is the best idea. Nearly three months here and I still understand so little. In related news, Annapurna Circuit, check. Ghorepani to Poon Hill to Nayapul Day's Distance: 13.2 mi / 21.24 km Cumulative Distance: 191.55 mi / 308.27 km #AnnapurnaCircuit #Nepal

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Five tips for you to make your Nepal hiking trip hassle free!

  • Bring water purification tablets and water refillable bottles with you.
  • Get a map to save yourself from getting lost.
  • Keep comfortable shoes for walking and running.
  • Keep regular medicines.

Nepal is definitely a home to some incredible hiking camps and Annapurna Base Camp is the best trek among all. It has diverse landscape, rich culture, charming hills, fabulous mountains and terraced fields to mesmerize you. You should not miss this golden chance of discovering Nepal’s beauty and start planning your hiking trip in Nepal with Travelex.

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